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Let’s all be honest here.


You’re flat out busy and you just need some help.


Work, kids, shopping, cooking, cleaning etc are your priorities but it just feels like you’re all on your own.


The anger and frustration builds up inside and you just want your man to come to the party and help.


Every time he tries to help though, he does things that aren’t even close to what you expect of him…


And it’s obvious that he doesn’t listen or truly understand what it is that you need from him.


Hence you find yourselves arguing all the time.


You Know What?  You aren’t alone!


The love and happiness that you once had actually isn’t that far away.


I know it may seem like a distant memory but I can assure you that it’s closer than you think.


You just need to understand one thing…


You’re making it all about you


Ok, you might get a little pissed off at me for saying this but just bear with me for a second.


Yes, you are absolutely busy.  You are flat out and you do need some more help.


There’s no doubt about that whatsoever.


Here’s the issue though.


What happens when you add more gasoline to a fire?


It burns more right?


Well, it’s exactly the same in a relationship.  If things are bad, adding more anger, rage, frustration and so on to your communication will only make this worse.


And by getting angry and frustrated, your spending all your energy in a state where you end up blitzing your partner without actually having any idea of what is going through his head.

There are always two sides to the story


“Yeah Yeah Sri…


We’ve heard this one before” – you might say.


Now sure, you will have heard this before but how much are you living it?


How much do you truly believe it?


How much are you able to truly empathise with your partner and really feel what he feels?


Sure you have reasons to feel angry…So I’m not saying that at all…


But if you want to turn this all around, then a different approach needs to be taken.


A more heartfelt approach.


A loving approach.


Why a loving approach is so important


Here’s why…


Guys absolutely hate criticism.


It’s basically a death by a thousand cuts and if you want to destroy your relationship, then this is a sure-fire approach to do just that.


Every time you criticise him you emasculate him.


You tell him he’s not good enough.


He feels like he can never make you happy and this slowly begins to suck the life out of him.


So how do I do that Sri when he never demonstrates any love towards me?


It’s simple.  You need to take the lead.


Your relationship or marriage is not a trade.  It’s a place to give love and when you do that, it is naturally going to come back to you (and if it doesn’t, then you will know pretty swiftly that you are with the wrong person).


Admire your man.  Tell him how much you love him.


Tell him how much you respect him.


Show him how sexy you find him.


Do whatever it takes to make him feel amazing but always make sure it comes from a genuine overflow of love within you.


If you feel in deficit mode when it comes to your own self-love and self-worth, then you can check out more on that here.


Every single one of my clients who have achieved extraordinary relationship success all have used this approach.


Why?  Because it just works.  Plain and simple.


My only caveat is that you have to be with a good man.


No narcissist.  No serial cheaters.  No psychopaths.


Struggling for Ideas on How to Put this into practice?


Does it feel too overwhelming?


If this sounds a little too scary on your own, then know that I am here to serve you.


I have a couple of spots opening up for a free consultation with me to determine how to get your man back or how to rekindle the spark in your current relationship/marriage.


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Much Love



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