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I’ve been talking to a number of clients this week and one thing has really stood out for me.


I’ll get comments like:


“I hate feeling vulnerable”


“It makes me feel week”


“It makes me feel needy and I give away my power completely”


Now, as a man, I can probably relate to this more than most.


Reason being is that, for guys, it’s drilled into us at an early age that we shouldn’t express our emotions.


Any expression of emotion is simply a sign of weakness and for men a loss of strength is a huge blow to the masculine energy.


Women are also included in this struggle though!



Yes, that’s right.  The perception out there is that men have to be tough and macho and women are allowed to be the emotional ones.


But the truth is that there are many women who have been conditioned to believe that they need to also be tough…


Strong, successful and must not display any signs of weakness and vulnerability.


And in any woman’s life, this can be absolutely brutal.


How so?


Here’s the problem.


When it comes to emotions, we are taught to believe that thoughts create emotions.


But the real truth is that its a little more complex than that.


Have you been in situations where you have tried to change your thoughts but it makes absolutely no difference to how you feel?


You might get a little relief but the same shit just keeps popping up over and over again.


I’ve been there many many times in my life and it’s fucking horrible.


So in order to deal with all this, we end up numbing ourselves.


Whether that’s just through avoidance, through alcohol or through distraction – we push down the negative emotions and energies.


So what happens from here?


Well, it ends up just rearing it’s ugly head again at some point.


Or we end up manifesting some sort of illness.


Or deal with some other shitty situation.


It sucks.


So how do you deal with this?


There’s one and only one way to address your emotional challenges.


And that’s by facing your emotions head on.


It means having the courage to experience your emotions in all it’s glory and giving yourself the gift to learn the lessons you need to when facing them.


It means being Vulnerable…


Let me just put one thing on record.


Vulnerability is power.  Vulnerability is strength.


Anyone that tells you otherwise is simply full of it.


You see, anyone can distract themselves with work or get their state changed through alcohol or drugs.


But it takes serious courage to actually face your emotions and experience them in all it’s glory.


And when you can do this on a regular occurrence, you begin to release a lot of the suppressed energies that lay within resulting in a much more vibrant and joyful way of being.


For us to fully embrace the positive, we need to shine a light on the negative


As a culture, we have a burning desire to chase only the positive experiences in life and completely ignore the negative.


There’s a problem with that though.


Everything in life has its polar opposite.


Good. Bad


Hot. Cold


Postive. Negative


North Pole.  South Pole.


You simply can’t know one without the other and the same goes with life.


If you only want great times in your relationship and don’t want to deal with the tough moments, then you are in for a tough time.


And if you are only wanting to deal with positive emotions and not embrace your vulnerability with the perceived negative emotions, then the negative emotions are going to follow you around like a shadow for the rest of your life.


So How Do You Address This Problem?


The first step is to embrace vulnerability – plain and simple.


If anyone tells you that you are approaching it wrong then send them my way!


Vulnerability means stepping into your truth.  It means honouring how you feel and having the courage to face it head on rather that suppressing it.


It’s having the gratitude for what you have.


It’s having the courage to say I love you.


It’s having the ability to honour your soul, not your ‘ego’.


It’s having the courage to live from your heart, not from your head.


And it’s trusting that vulnerability will free you from the stranglehold of your suppressed emotions.


Does this scare the shit out of you?


Good – I would expect nothing less but when you find the courage inside of you to deal with it, you will be liberated in the long run.


If this sounds a little too scary on your own, then know that I am here to serve you.


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Much Love


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