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Ok, so the chances are that if you are reading this blog, that you have had some negative experiences with men in the past and you’re curious about what the #1 misconception of men is…

You’ve probably felt like all men want is sex…

All the relationship forums talk about it…

You’ve felt like your relationships have completely revolved around sex and you’re an after thought…

Every time you want to connect with him, he seems to always be busy and focussed on work or hanging out with friends or even worse, watching sport on tv!

Then after hours of simmering, you end up going to bed…He then decides he wants to have sex with you.  However, now, you’re simply not interested and this ends up sending you into a fit of rage or even feelings of intense sadness because you feel like you are at the bottom of the priority list.


What you are going through is all too common!


Let me tell you, what you are going through and feeling is extremely common but I am here to tell you that there is a way to get past your struggles and it all comes down to you understanding the #1 most common misconception of men.


If you can truly embrace this, your relationship will have an extremely bright future.


This is why I decided to put this blog post together.


As I mentioned earlier, you are not alone in your struggles.  When you’ve experienced the pain of relationships and men continually behaving in ways that validate the common belief that all men want is sex, then it’s completely understandable why you (and millions of others) would feel this way.

All the evidence points to this – however, I am here to point out a new truth.  One that helps you to gain the real truth and understanding of the male psychology.


Here’s the Real Truth About Men


You see, when a guy tries to push for sex, I know it feels like it’s all about him.  It feels like he is simply doing it for his own good and not taking action in the way you want it.  But I’m here to explain to you – from a guys perspective – why this is happening:


  1. Firstly, most guys have no idea what it is that you want.  They don’t truly understand your needs and how important they are, because in his world, it’s logical.  He doesn’t understand the importance of emotionally connecting with you in order to create that spark.  For him, the physical spark is there – he just expects you to jump at it as well…
  1. And this is the #1 Misconception…it’s not sex that he wants.  What he wants to feel is significant enough that you will open up on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  When a woman does that, it completely messes with a man (in a good way!).

But here’s the thing – if he doesn’t feel like that with you – then he will come across in a way that seems like everything is about him.

That’s where all the pain resides…


“Love is a Verb, not a Noun”


He’s going to prioritise everything else because if he feels he can’t make you happy or he has associated lots of drama in your relationship (rightly or wrongly), then he will do whatever he can to avoid this drama.  After all, when there is drama, on some level, he blames himself, so why would he want to immerse himself in all these negative feelings?  Yup, you guessed it, he doesn’t.


So He Pushes You to the Side…


But because he does have physical needs, he thinks that he can coerce you into sex and that you will just drop your drawers for him – hoping that will make you happy too.   But, as we both know, it’s not as simple as that and nor should it be!


After all, why would you when you aren’t getting your needs met?…Yup, you shouldn’t have to.


So How Do You Get Around this Problem Then?


How do you ensure that your partner feels like he is a success and isn’t going to feel all those negative emotions?


Firstly, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, we must remember that love is a verb and not a noun!

Love is something that we give and when we make a conscious effort to give without it being a trade (ie i’ll give you love when you give me love), then our partner will be more inclined to return the favour. There is something magical that happens when our intention is filled with love, rather than fear.  Life begins to work for us, rather against us and we tend to attract circumstances that are in alignment with the love that we are giving and feeling.


Secondly, in order for a relationship to flourish, we have to truly learn to understand our partners deepest emotions.  Become a really good detective, learn how to invoke his most primal emotions and he will respond in ways that you have never seen before.  End result – A love life you’ve never had.

It’s Time to Take Action


Unlike all those miraculous promises that are available on the internet – I’m not going to set you up for failure!  Yes – change can happen quickly in some instances, but for a lot of couples, it requires commitment, dedication, perseverance and introspection to help deal with some of the pain-points in the relationship.


To put this into practice, I have put together a FREE Webinar – which you watch here – with some specific actions that you can take to get your partner to make you the #1 priority in his life.  The guide details how one of my clients, Sarah, managed to turn her relationship around in a short space of time using some very specific strategies.  When you apply these actions into your life, you will be able to inspire the right course of action to create the passionate loving relationship that you truly deserve!


It’s now over to you.  Without doubt, the difference between those couples that continue to live in pain and those who have an amazing relationship is about commitment, taking action and staying away from the ‘blame game’.

When you go through the guide, don’t bombard yourself with too much.  Pick one strategy and commit to it for 60 days and you’ll be amazed at what changes you can make!

I wish you all the very best.  Sending you lots of love, light and strength on your journey xo

Key Takeaways


  • The #1 misconception with men is that guys only want sex…
  • Nothing makes a man light up more than knowing that he is able to please and make his woman happy.  If he can’t do that, because of all the fighting and arguments, then he’s going to back off
  • Become a detective – really get to the core of what he is craving.  Not what you think he needs but what he genuinely needs
  • Use a strategy from the downloadable guide and test it for 60 days minimum.  Then based on the results and responses, you can then determine what your next steps are and how to proceed with the relationship.

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