So you love your man…


All you want to do is spend some quality time with him and relive those moments that you had with him at the beginning.


You know that despite the fact that he seems distant, there is a beautiful loving man inside the distant exterior.


But then he drops the bombshell…


“I just need some space” he says…


Your heart breaks…


You feel devastated and you are unsure as to what this means.


Does he want to leave me?


Is there someone else?


Have I done something wrong?


The First Step You Need to Take


Ok, first things first…


Without sounding too harsh…


Stop making it about you.


I totally get it…When this sort of behaviour occurs and you feel like you’ve done something wrong…Or it’s all your fault.


But here’s the reality check.


Without Freedom a Guy Feels Trapped and Emasculated


A lot of the time it has nothing to do with you!


It’s just the way guys operate…


And the biggest mistake most women make is that they make it about themselves and hence, exacerbate the situation completely.


Here’s why…


The mind of a man…


In a guys world, there’s one experience that he wants more than most things…


It’s that magical F Word (no, not that one!)


It’s freedom.


Guys need freedom.


It’s absolutely paramount to their existence.


And without it, a guy just feels trapped and emasculated to some extent.


When he feels like this, he just wants to run for the hills, spend time with friends, play sports and immerse himself in work.


It’s not that he doesn’t like you or love you, it’s just that he associates spending time with you as a loss of the freedom that he needs to function.


Whilst this may not be necessarily logical or even accurate for him to feel like this – it’s the way he feels and that needs to be honoured and accepted.


He’ll be Back!


Now, when a guy says he needs some space…


It doesn’t mean that he’s leaving you…


Or that he doesn’t find you attractive…


And It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you…


It literally means this…


He just needs some time to himself! Nothing more, nothing less…


And remember one thing…he will return from his cave…


It’s just your job to take his message literally and do 2 things:


  1. Trust that he is doing the right thing for himself to get himself into the right space to be the best partner for you
  2. Continue to live your life and remember you are a high value, positive, confident and empowered women!


Where most women get themselves into trouble is that they obsess over their man,  further constricting him and feeling that loss of freedom.  In addition, they fail to live their own lives which makes their male partner feel even more claustrophobic.


Key Takeaways

  • Guys operate literally.  When he says he needs space, it means he needs space.
  • Stop making it about you.  The biggest pain we have in life is when we focus on ourselves as the problem rather than truly giving the gift of service and empathy to others
  • He needs freedom for him to function at his best.
  • Trust that he is doing the right thing for himself to get himself into the right space to be the best partner for you
  • Continue to live your life and remember you are a high value, positive, confident and empowered women!


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