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The quality of a relationship is dictated by which level of love both partners in a relationship reside…


The lower the level, the less secure and happy you will be in your relationship…


The higher the level, the greater the chances of you being in a passionate, loving relationship.


So my question to you is…Which level do you live in?


Infant Love


Now I have a question – what does a baby do to get love?


That’s right…Absolutely nothing.


They eat, sleep, wet their nappies, cry and give the occasional smile and laugh…


And if you are a parent, you know that the love is unconditional.


Well in reference to the baby, the act of crying is effectively a demand to give them exactly what they need.


Sadly, this level of behaviour in relationships is exactly where the vast majority of the population live in relationships.


In short, ‘Baby Love’ Behaviour is essentially saying “it’s all about me.  Give me what I need or else…”


When one or both parties in a relationship operate at this level, then the relationship is unlikely to last.  Why?  Because the focus of the relationship is a very selfish one and with that selfish intent comes a relationship that is destined for failure.


Trading Love


The next level of love is essentially a trade.  What this means is that each partner will give each other ‘love’ or meet their needs on the proviso that the other partner does the same in return.


Now whilst this is a massive improvement from Level 1, it still brings about it’s fair share of problems…


The primary one being that you will most likely create a relationship where you will most likely become ‘roommates’ and essentially have a relationship that is likely to have some love but very little passion. 


This is where a lot of relationships live and is the reason behind why so many couples deteriorate after they get married.


Selfless Love


We all have the ability to love selflessly but most people only experience glimpses of it rather than making a conscious decision to operate their relationship from that place.


Selfless is all about giving unconditionally where you get incredible amounts of joy by purely serving and giving to your partner with no expectation of getting anything in return.


IN other words, your partners needs are your needs and you spend as much time as possible trying to light up and serve your partner.


Now with the three levels above, we all have moments within each one – but the real question is all about which one is your centre of gravity.


If you’re living in level one, it’s unlikely it will go the journey…


If you’re living in level 2, then you are likely to have a relationship that has love but very little passion and your real sources of passion and love will come from things outside of the relationship i.e. Work, Sports, your kids etc


However, if you live in level 3, you will have a relationship that will soar to new heights every single day.  The only reason when we feel anger and pain is when we with-hold love.  If you can spend your time focussing on new ways to serve and love your partner, you are setting the foundations for an extraordinary relationship!


How do you Transition to the Highest Level?


In order to transition to a higher level of love, you need to take a more heart centric approach to your life.


This is something that I go in detail in my free ‘Love for Life’ Blueprint sessions whereby I tell you the exact strategies that i’ve used in my own relationship to help take it to the incredible relationship it is right now!


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