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On Sunday the 4th of May, an interview with Radio NZ was aired on National Radio with Sri Rajasekar. It gives an insight into both (my business partner and I) of our lives and some of our experiences that have taken us on this path towards setting up Presence and also the charity work we do in NZ and India.  It’s a wonderful story of how two individuals sharing the same passion can be guided towards helping individuals globally.  

As Tony Robbins states, “The Secret to Living is Giving”. 

True fulfilment in life comes from when we get beyond our own limitations and give.  When we give more, be more and contribute more, we set the foundations for an extraordinary quality of life and in the process, play our part in the global shift in consciousness towards a more loving and philanthropic society.  

We would love you all to take the time and have a listen. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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