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Whenever I work with my clients, they are constantly fretting over trying to make sure they know 100% that they know that they guy they are dating is the ‘one’ or whether he is going to live up to all their expectations.
They put so much pressure on themselves
And whilst I totally get that we want to be certain that we are going to make the right decision in our love life, sometime’s we just have to get in the game and be prepared to make mistakes.
Repeat after me – IT’S OK TO MAKE MISTAKES!

We are human.  We aren’t perfect.  Believe me, in my love life, I have failed more times that I have succeeded but it’s the moments of failure that gave me the tools and lessons that I needed to turn my life around and then attract the gorgeous wife that I have today.


So take it from me – don’t let mistakes and perceived failure stand in your way.


Don’t let fear consume you because the truth is that fear is simply an illusion.
That fear could manifest in a relationship you may be in or it may manifest throughout the dating process but either way, it has a detrimental effect on our lives.  Sometimes fear may bring about results that we desire in the short term but in the long run, being motivated by fear will always force you to lose the game of life.  You simply will not be setting the foundations for an extraordinary relationship and an outstanding quality of life when you allow fear to take control.
Mr Right could be on your next date or the next chat in the cafe – are you prepared to seize the moment when in it comes?
Or he could be the man you are with now – the question is – are you prepared to create an environment filled with love that will foster and create an unbreakable bond with you?
The answer lies in your willingness to make mistakes.
With Love
Sri xo
Relationship Coaching

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