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I picked up the newspaper for the first time in a long time and looked at the headlines – the front page was riddled with murders, scandals and business corruption. It’s just a fact that negative news sells – you can’t go anywhere these days without reading a headline of something negative and the unfortunate thing is that most individuals love these stories. The main issue is that by reading the newspaper at the start of the day, you are setting the tone for a negative day. When you are reading those negative headlines, you’re generating those feelings and emotions of fear, sadness, anger and frustration. Those articles give you a perception that a world is a dangerous place, a frustrating place, a place whereby if you aren’t vigilant, you will pay a price.

If you just apply simple common sense here, do you think that is a great way to start the day? Of course not!
Now I am definitely not against the newspapers – there are some fantastic articles in the paper and aside from the quality of the articles, it’s important to keep up to date with the world. However, the majority of us use the newspaper to keep up with stories so we can impress our friends/family, indulge in the negative drama in the world or just to simply pass time. These are not effective uses of time and they only condition your mind and body to spend time with negative energies rather than living a life that is full of excitement, joy, love and passion. The truth is that if it’s a major story that you need to be aware of, your friends, family and colleagues will let you know about it – that’s for sure.

Now am I telling you to stop reading the news? You will be happy to know that I’m not. The only request I have is that you make it a more purposeful experience when you do so. If you’re in finance, then make it a point to look specifically at how the markets are performing. If you’re in real estate, then look at how the property market is going. Or else, make it a point to focus on the good news stories, rather than the negative headlines. To make this an easier task, a great way is to go 7 days without reading or listening to the news. Make it a point to read a great book or a success magazine and go on a fasting exercise of the news.
By taking time away from the news, you will start to use that vital energy, that has been expended on events outside of your control, to then focus on giving to your loved ones or putting effort into materializing your dreams.
A little goes a long way and these small shifts and steps in the short term lead to giant leaps in the long run allowing you to achieve an extraordinary quality of life that you couldn’t have imagined possible!

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