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So it’s time to have a chat with your man…


You sit down and begin to explain to him some of the issues you are having in the relationship.


As you rattle them off you sense he starts to become defensive…


This body language starts to change.


You notice he’s starting to boil inside.


Then he lashes out in a defensive mode.


It hurts because you aren’t feeling understood and are made to feel wrong for thinking what you’re thinking.


It becomes a verbal tennis match and you aren’t getting anywhere.


There is a way of turning this around


I assure you, there is a way to get past this struggle with your man.


You know what? You aren’t alone.


It just requires an alternative approach to communicating and this is exactly why I wrote this blog.


To help you create a shift in your relationship by creating a shift within yourself.


Arguments happen way more than they need to!


Relationships, as Tony Robbins states, are a magnifier of human emotions.  When you feel joy normally, in a relationship you experience immense joy.


When you feel sadness and pain normally, in a relationship you feel intense sadness and pain.


Couple this with the fact that our deepest fear in relationships is that we won’t be loved – then whenever we end up in an argument, we find ourselves in a protective mode so that we don’t have to face these fears.


We defend ourselves and we get angry.  We fight fire with fire.


Hence, We need a better approach


Firstly, we need to realise that in any challenging situation, there is an opportunity to learn.


This is absolutely crucial and the more you can regonise that your partner is your greatest teacher, then the greater the chance you have with addressing the challenging conversations in the right emotional state.


Secondly, you need to answer the following question honestly:


Do you want to be right or do you want to be in love?


If you’re answer is that you want to be right, then you are headed for a mediocre relationship.  It’s as simple as that.


However, if you are committed to being in love, then keep reading because the following will give you a couple of tools to utilise to help with your situation.


Commit to empathy


Your first job when communicating with your man is to truly listen and have a heartfelt understanding of his intent.  What are his wounds?  Why is he on the defensive all the time?  Why is he making ‘digs’ at you?  How has he been hurt?  etc etc


The more you can make that commitment to truly empathising, the more you love and when you love more, you have a far greater chance of having a greater outcome in the conversation.


Why?  Because your tone will be softer, your body language will be more positive and rather than trying to be right, you will be asking yourself the question – “How can I love more?”


Remember, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.


You are an expression of love.  That is your essential nature so allow that to run the course.  Allow that pure essence within you shine on a regular basis and prepare to be amazed at how that love will be reflected back regularly.


Further action you can take


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