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If you’re thinking that all the heartbreak and pain you are going through is not something you can recover from, then I completely understand.


The pain is so unbearable that it feels like your heart has been ripped out and there is no way to recover from it.


It’s not uncommon at all…


In fact, it’s extremely common and hence, this is exactly why I have produced this blog.


To help you gain a completely different perspective on your situation.


I Get it…It’s Sucks and It Hurts like Crazy!


You see, you may have gone through a really difficult experience like discovering your partner has had an affair…


Or maybe he’s just decided that he wants to leave the relationship.


Either way, your world is crumbling around you and you’re clueless as to how to pick up the pieces.


I Promise you Though, There is a Way to Overcome the Pain


Know what? You aren’t alone.


This may feel frustrating/a faraway dream, but it is closer than you think. Let me show you how.


You see, often in life, we create change when we recognise the implications of continuing on the same path as we’ve been on for the period of time where we’ve felt the pain.


And in this case, it means that the emotion of all the relationship challenges continues on for as long as you allow it to.


In addition to this, when you hold onto the negative emotions, you prevent yourself from taking the action that you need to take in order to better your situation.


So how do you do that?


Well, the first step is to recognise what is happening.

I once went to a seminar and the guest speaker was a cancer survivor and he made a statement that has stuck with me till this very day:


“You Can-survive or you Can-Surrender…Which approach will you take in life?”


So I thought about this in the context of relationships and I took it to mean that you either succumb to the situation, be a victim and give up…


Or you can use the experience – as painful as it is – as an opportunity for growth.


“Every problem contains within it the seed of an opportunity” – Deepak Chopra


So Which Choice Will You Make?


Even though it is extremely painful, in order to take that first step, you have to decide whether you will see this as an opportunity for growth…


Or a reason to give up and feel like it’s over?


Is it an opportunity to address the challenges in the relationship/marriage or is it a reason to focus on what went wrong and blame the other person or yourself over and over?


By simply deciding that you want to free yourself from fear and see your experience as an opportunity for growth, you will give yourself the gift of making decisions from a place of love.


Whenever we are motivated by fear, we will always lose.


As Tony Robbins Says “A decision from fear is always the wrong one”…


I couldn’t agree more…


And from that love, we can take the action that we need to in order to improve the relationship/marriage and begin the reconciliation process.


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