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3 Ways on How to Stop Emasculating a Man (Women Don’t Do This!)

One of the biggest reasons that I see marriages failing for women is due to the complete lack of understanding of male psychology – in particular on the topic of emasculation.  

That’s why it’s very important to know the core of masculine energy of male psychology. Through this, you get to understand how you can go about ensuring that you avoid emasculating a man.  

How to Stop Emasculating a Man: Putting it into Practice

Often the biggest challenge we face on addressing this topic, is all related to the how…when we are in the fire, it’s often difficult to know exactly what steps to take…

Hence, I’m going to detail out exactly what you need to avoid to ensure that you stop emasculating your man:


Don’t Do the Low Blows

The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you don’t do the low blows. I remember watching this couple that my wife and I were having brunch with the other day…

We were over at their place and her husband had made some food. When he had bought it out there, she immediately criticized how poorly he made the particular item. I actually thought it was lovely and so did my wife but for her, it wasn’t quite the standard she wanted. So, she proceeded with negative comments and he just sheepishly tolerated it. 

This is an example of the low blow. If you look at it, he made an effort by preparing a lovely meal for all of us. However, in return, she criticizes him.

Without knowing it, this is going to ultimately result in him feeling pretty emasculated. He may start to get a little bit quiet, a little bit submissive. However, if this continues on, the energy will boil up inside until it hits a threshold…That threshold can manifest in different ways for different people but one thing is for sure – it will never result in a happy marriage…

If you don’t want your marriage to fall apart, you have to avoid the low blows. You might get annoyed at him. You may get pissed. He may have done something silly. But if you criticize him in front of other people, it’s only going to make him feel worse.

We know he’s not perfect. He’s not without fault. He may have done something stupid in the past. But you have to remember that a marriage is not all about getting – it’s about giving.

Marriages that are built on foundations focused on getting all the time and not giving typically never last. Or if it does, they might stay together but they won’t be happy.

Hence, always do your best to avoid the low blows.


Avoid sarcasm.

As the saying goes, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. For a lot of guys, when their partner is constantly being sarcastic towards them in a way that’s bringing them down, then it’s another surefire way of emasculating a man.

Do try to avoid sarcasm and all those little digs that might seem like a joke to you. Because these little things are actually eating away at his sense of self and self-worth.

You may not care much about this but these little digs (doesn’t have to be a large thing) can constantly chip away a man’s psyche over time.

Eventually, he’s going to feel very very small. A man wants to feel significant. He wants to feel respected. But if his own wife does not actually respect him in a way that he needs, he might find it in other areas like sports or work. He will end up spending more time on these areas because these are where he feels most alive, most significant.

So, do your best to avoid sarcasm in your marriage. Exchanging light-hearted jokes are absolutely fine but constantly digging away and chipping away at his sense of self and his self-worth is a different story.

I know this for a fact because this is what happened to my client. She used to be very sarcastic towards her husband and it used to just really eat him up quite a lot. However, after doing a little bit of work with her and making sure that she implements it properly, she started to have a lot more empathy and understanding towards her husband – making him feel more like a hero, like a real man. After doing this, she started to notice how he wanted to spend more time with her and really connect with her at a deep level.  They are in a really beautiful place right now! 

The same goes with my wife. She makes me feel like a million dollars. So, I want to spend lots of time with her. I love it and nothing brings me more joy than spending time with my wife. It’s just such an amazing feeling.

 Stop Disrespecting Him.

The third most important thing you can do to avoid emasculating a man is to stop disrespecting him.

Disrespecting a man is just a killer. You see, at the very top of the tree – when it comes to a man’s needs and values – is his need to feel respected.

A man needs to feel respected because his whole sense of purpose and mission is to conquer and achieve things in life. He needs to do well and succeed and ultimately these make him feel worthy enough to give and receive love.  

A guy often needs to feel significant and respected first before he can step into love. This is very different to most women whose primary motive is love.


How Do You Avoid Disrespecting Your Man and Prevent Emasculation?

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