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So my guess is that if you’re reading this blog, your relationship isn’t going too well and your emotions are high…


Either that, or you have a massive desire to want to improve it.


You might be in the middle of a divorce…


Or you’re on the verge of one…


And the whole experience is completely breaking your heart.


The Emotions are so intense…


You feel paralysed by the anxiety, sadness and anger.


You have no motivation to do anything.


Life just feels empty and meaningless and you’re completely unsure on how to move on.


Our Culture Frowns Upon Negativity


Here’s the problem we face.


We live in a world of instant cures and fixes.


We are told that we shouldn’t be feeling these negative emotions and if we do, we need to address them now!


Have a drink to relax.


Distract yourself with work and other stuff.


Spend time with friends to take your mind off it.


Take anti-depressants.


And so on…


Even during our childhood years, we get told not to cry…


To be a good boy/girl and not to get upset at things.


So How Do We Handle Our Emotions?


The First thing here is to remember that emotions are completely natural.


The are a reflection of our beliefs, our past, our model of the world and the build up suppressed energies that lay within us.


Every time that we say we shouldn’t feel bad or distract ourselves from feeling our emotions, we do one major thing…


We suppress our emotions.


And that ends up having dire consequences.


Simply put, they build up and up and up until eventually they burst out at some point.


How many people have you seen who end up trying to distract themselves during the grieving process only to end up crashing at some point?


Yup, it happens all the time.


So what do we do?


Well, the first and most important decision we need to make here is to be vulnerable.


Vulnerability is Strength


Most people associate vulnerability with weakness.


It isn’t.  It’s absolute strength.


It’s saying “yes, this is painful but I will experience the emotions in all its might”.


When you open yourself to vulnerability, you step in the realm of courage.


Courage allows you to experience your emotions for what they are…


That is – it’s simply an energy.


Yup, that’s all it is.


It’s when we add thought to all of the emotion that it suddenly snowballs out of control.


Give yourself the gift of entering into the depths of vulnerability.


Allow yourself to feel deeply.


Give yourself the gift of feeling your emotions fully and allow it to go through its cycle.  Don’t act on it.


Don’t let the mind run wild.


Just stay vulnerable.  Stay courageous and feel.


As you do this, the emotion will subside and you allow true healing to occur.


Always remember my friends – vulnerability is your path to freedom and liberation.


Don’t let anyone else tell you any different.


Does it feel too overwhelming?


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Much Love


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