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Fear! – Ok, so you’re probably wondering whether this is a trick question!  How on earth could fear possibly be serving me?  But the truth is that it is and this is the very reason why you haven’t let it go yet.

You hold onto the fear because its home.  Its all you know.  You have gotten into the emotional habit of procrastinating, or over eating or not working out.

Now whenever I pose this to anyone, they always say to me “Sri, im not afraid, I just don’t enjoy the gym”…But then when you keep asking why they don’t enjoy it and continue to poke and prod, they then admit to being afraid of the pain.  See I believe that human motivation in life comes from either Fear or Love. Doesn’t matter what behaviour or action it is, it always traces back to fear or love.  But often, we make up an excuse in order to feel good about something when in fact that its because we are actually afraid of the very thing we should be doing.

So how does this relate to fear serving you?  When we hold onto fear, we prevent ourselves from getting out of our comfort zone.  From taking risks.  From being exposed.  From being ridiculed.  From being in the spotlight.  From being proven wrong.  So whats the easy option here?  To take action or to stay put and then prevent yourself from experiencing any negative circumstances.

However, it’s a double edged sword…

Because whilst we avoid the initial, immediate potential pain, we then end up suffering long term in the form of regret because we miss out on the following:

  • Greatness
  • Financial freedom
  • Passionate and loving relationships
  • Continuing to evolve and grow yourself
  • Happiness and Love
  • And much much more!


And as the late great Jim Rohn once said, “Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tonnes”

So how is fear serving you?

…and is it really serving you???

Sure, you may be spared a little bit of short term pain but nothing great was ever achieved without taking risks!


So don’t settle for a life less than extraordinary!  You are magnificent beyond belief and it is your duty and mission to showcase those skills and talents to the world!

As always, i’m here to serve you – book your free success coaching session with me now and create a life you never thought possible!

Live Consciously

Sri Rajasekar
Success Coach

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