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Just as a recap, the first two tips from Part 1 on how to become a positive, confident and empowered woman are as follows:

  1. Recognise that you are worthy of love
  2. A positive empowered and confident woman operate with true integrity.


Like anything in life, the foundations are absolutely crucial.


Like a house…


If you don’t have rock solid foundations, it simply won’t stand up to the demands of nature.


As I once heard, you want to build a house with bricks, not sticks…


So carrying on this theme of foundations, I’m going to introduce you to two additional tips that are crucial for becoming a positive, confident and empowered woman…

But you’re a Guy Sri!


Now you’re probably thinking…


But Sri, you’re a guy!  How can you help here!


Well, that might be the case, but i’ve worked and interacted with thousands of women in my coaching career and i’ve analysed at the deepest level the traits that exist within the most confident of woman.


So without further ado, here are my next two tips on becoming a positive, confident and empowered woman:


Tip #3:  You are good enough


I mentioned in my previous blog that we all have a fundamental need to be loved.


Well, at our core, we also have a fear that we aren’t good enough.


This fear stems from our childhood days and the various experiences that we had as a child.


And the problem with this fear is that it was based on a decision we had made about an experience but then we end up carrying that over to virtually all our experiences as grow older in life.


It’s completely irrational.


And incorrect.


The truth is that you are good enough…


Just as you are.   No more, no less.


Forget about all your friends who are travelling around the world and you aren’t…


Forget about all those people who may be making more money than you…


Or who have the supposed dream man…


Whatever it is that they have and yo don’t, none of these material objects have any bearing on your core belief of whether you are good enough or not…


The only thing that truly matters is that, as long as you are alive, you are good enough for you and the world.


Just imagine – if you held that belief in every area of your life, how different would your life be?


Pretty incredible huh?!


Yup…So repeat after me…




Feel it!  Live it!  Love it!

Tip #4:  Vulnerability is power – not a weakness


Whenever a lot of the women I interact with hear the word Vulnerability, they immediately run for the hills.


And I can understand why…


After all, there are lots of women who are in relationships with narcissists and other domineering partners so the idea of showing vulnerability feels like the complete opposite of what needs to be done.


However, there is a big difference between giving away your power and truly being vulnerable.


Whenever we truly want to create change, we need to look inwards…


And we need to look deep!


Even in my own life, i’ve had to really explore the depths of my personality and all the childhood wounds that I had been holding onto for years.


And that is fucking scary!


Make no mistake about it.


At times, I felt like I was in a black hole that I couldn’t get out of…


But the only way I could have was by having the courage to go deep…But the pre-cursor to having courage in this context is to be vulnerable.


Vulnerability is saying “Yes, I have some weaknesses. I have some flaws.  I have some wounds.  I’m scared and afraid, but I know that in order to transcend these fears, I have to explore the depths of my personality in order to truly bring my soul to the surface”


However as human beings, the natural tendency is to pretend that these don’t exist and distract ourselves so that we don’t have to deal with the problem at hand.


But without getting to that level of vulnerability, you will simply not be able to heal the wounds that you need to in order to become a positive, empowered and confident woman.


So always remember, vulnerability is power as it is the gate towards true liberation.


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