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What is a positive, confident and empowered woman and why is it so important to be one?


Well, before I answer that, I want to acknowledge the progress that we have made as a collective society.


I’m sitting watching some of my favourite sporting channels and there are female commentators…


Female sports hosts…


In fact, there is a show right now which is all about rugby league and guess what?  The entire panel consists of women!


How cool is that!


“Who run the world?  Girls!”


But whilst we have made lots of advancements, there are some areas where progress has been somewhat limited…


And in particular, around relationships.


I recently ran a survey of over 700 women and the results were a huge eye opener.


In fact, there was an overwhelming response on what was the biggest challenge they faced in their intimate relationship…


And that was…


How to become a positive, confident and empowered woman.


And given the people have spoken, I thought I would put together a short blog to give two small, practical and manageable tips on how to become a positive, confident and empowered woman.


Tip #1:  Recognise that you are worthy of love


At the deepest level, we all have a fundamental need to be loved which is also projected as a fear.  As a child, we were loved unconditionally at the very beginning but for most of us, it became conditional after a while…


And because love is the oxygen of the soul and the very thing that all human beings crave at the deepest level, we sometimes move forward with the fear that we may not get it or be worthy of it.   


Remember, you are worthy of love as you are.  Of course, we want to experience love and have that expressed by another person, but the most important person that must love you is…YOU!


When that happens, life often becomes a reflection of how you feel on the inside but most importantly, in your relationship, you only tolerate behaviours that are in alignment with how you feel on the inside.  


However, communicating that message only comes when we can operate with a level of integrity with ourselves…


And this leads me to tip #2…


Tip #2:  A positive empowered and confident woman operates with true integrity


Integrity is all about ensuring that what is communicated on the outside is in direct alignment with what is felt internally.


Even when it feels uncomfortable or fear kicks in, you still honour what’s ‘right’ and communicate your feelings and thoughts despite how the other person might feel.


For example, let’s say you’ve been on a couple of dates but every time, the guy you’re seeing is messing you around by changing the times and dates at the last minute you have two options:


  1. You just tolerate it and set a low standard from the start
  2. Or you let him know that whilst you know he is busy that you really would appreciate it if he would show more consideration towards your schedule and give more notice…


Or something along those lines…


This will ensure that a high standard is set from the start and that he knows that he needs to give you the level of respect and courtesy that you deserve.


That way to can filter out the great men from the ones who treat you poorly.


However, having the courage and confidence to be able to say these things can be a real challenge.


But you simply have to!


You have to push through the fear to ensure that what your communicate is a reflection of what you truly feel on the inside and when you do so, your relationship will blossom from the foundations of love, respect and consideration.


Now there are a couple of other important ways to become a high value woman.


I will touch on those in Part 2 of this blog.


Stay tuned!


With Love

Sri xo

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