I have a quick question for you…


If I was to say to you that you have two options in life:


  1. Do nothing and have exactly the same results and experiences that you are having right now…or…
  2. Take Action, face your fears and increase your chances 10 fold of creating change  and helping transform your relationship, prevent a divorce from occurring and potentially saving yourself 1000’s of dollars in legal settlements


Which one would you take?


It’s a serious question…


Because I know that most people would say #2…


But in my experience, do you know what percentage actually act on #2?


In terms of seeking help, advice, reading books and simply doing whatever it takes to turnaround their relationship?


50%? NO


20%?  NO


10%? No


5%? NO


Well, I really wish it was higher but sadly, it’s a crazy 2.4%!!!


So that means that out of every 100 women that actually are having relationship issues, only between 2 and 3 of them actually reach out and seek guidance and help from someone (let alone coaching with me).


We Live In a World of Quick Fixes


It makes me really sad because we live in the world of quick fixes and reactive treatments.


When we have health problems, doctors immediately go to work on the symptoms…rather than addressing the cause…


When our business is crumbling, we seek the advice of a lawyer or some other professional service to handle the bankruptcy – rather than building the business on the right foundations from the start.


And when we get to the breaking point of our marriage or relationship and divorce stares us right in the face, lawyers are contacted and the respective arrangements are made costing thousands, if not, tens of thousands of dollars.


So why do we hesitate to take preventative measures in life?


Why do most fail to have a great diet to deal with our health problems?


Why do most fail to contact experts to prevent their relationship or businesses from crumbling?


The short answer is Fear. 


Fear of spending money.


The fear of whether the expert can deliver the results.


Fear of whether they/you can take the action that you need to take.


So what happens?


Most people DO NOTHING.


Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


Sadly that’s what most people do.


And i’ve definitely done this myself SOOO many times in the past!


But it all changed for me in 2010…I was going nowhere in my life…


I was single, miserable, unhealthy and was struggling financially…


But something had to change…


Which is when I came across a friend who talked to me about hiring a coach…


Initially skeptical, I thought “what’s there to lose?!?”


So I did…


And without a word of a lie…


She has completely changed my life…without her, I wouldn’t have discovered my calling…


I wouldn’t have transformed my health…


I wouldn’t have found true happiness…


And I wouldn’t have attracted the greatest gift of my life…


My Wife!


So with this in mind…


Let me ask you a question


What would life be like if you could have these similar experiences?


What if there are some blindspots that you are just not noticing that are the difference between happily ever after and heartbreak?


Happiness, love and abundance are not just for the select few…


God didn’t just put that special ‘stamp’ on the lucky ones…


And you know what?  It’s ok to make mistakes on the journey.  


We are all created equal and we all have the potential to have that incredible life and in particular, incredible relationship.


You deserve it.  Plain and simple.


And for this reason, i’m giving you the chance to take advantage of my free “Love for Life” Blueprint coaching session.


We’ll go through the exact areas that are proving to be your ‘achilles heel’ in your relationship (or address why you are single) and teach you the strategies that you need to employ to create an extraordinary, passionate and loving relationship.


My only question to you is this…


Are you going to be one of the 98% of people who don’t take action or amongst the 2% of people who do…


It’s your choice…


It’s your life…There is no dress rehearsal…


if you want to take advantage of this offer all you need to do is Click the APPLY NOW Button Below.


You Just need to fill out a short application form telling me why now is the right time for change.


I will then get in touch and send you the details on how we can jump on a call together and discuss your situation and put together a series of bite sized steps that will turn your relationship around.







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