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Yup, it’s true, we get what we tolerate in life.

You see, i’ve always believed that life works inside out – how we feel on the inside is what we draw in on the inside.  Now, i’m not referring to ‘The Secret’ or anything like that…but what I am referring to are the internal standards that we hold ourselves to on a daily basis.

I once heard a person (I forget who!) say – “life will pay whatever price you ask of it”.  In other words, whatever you set your standards as, you will get.
So if your standard is to have a man who will treat you with respect and love because thats what you deserve, then you will have a standard that will allow you to notice the warning signs early and know what action to take.  How?  Because you value yourself.  When we value ourselves internally, we move forward knowing that a man has to meet a certain standard before he can truly be allowed to enter into our world. And believe me, there will be little things that he will demonstrate that will determine whether he is the right fit for you…

However, I see so many women overlooking all these little things and then getting hurt in the long run – mainly cause they either were so caught up in the initial ‘honeymoon’ period or they chose to ignore the warning signs.  Trust me – I totally get it cause i’ve been through the exact same process.  I was so lured to having a relationship that I completely overlooked the warning signs until there was a moment of massive heartbreak.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

So for today, i’d like you to have a think about – what have I tolerated in my relationships in the past? What is it that I simply put up with because i’m afraid of creating conflict or maybe losing him etc etc?

And be as open and honest as you possibly can because the truth will eventually set you free 🙂

You truly are magnificent – don’t let anyone tell you any different!  You were born and so if you’re good enough for god (or the universe or whatever you believe in), you’re good enough for you and for those around you and also for that special someone out there who is on his way to you.

Let your magnificence shine!

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