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Goal Setting – How is 2016 working out for you? Have those intentions slipped, the new routine been side-tracked or are those new habits not quite so, well… habitual?

If your 2016 goals have already found their way to the back-burner, you’re not alone. In fact, statistics show that around 90% of people who set a resolution have already broken it by now.

However, if you’re reading this then I’m going to assume you’re happy to admit, despite best intentions, to letting things slip a little before we’ve even hit March – but that you’re also committed to getting back on track and really making 2016 YOUR year.

Well, here’s why you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it…

As human beings, we have an innate need to ‘make things better’. No matter where we are at in life, we always seem to have a desire to improve, to make changes, get better; we’re constantly searching for, or working towards, a new ideal life.

The problem here is that satisfaction becomes temporary. We place our dependence on happiness in achieving specific things, thinking that once we’ve achieved it – upgraded the car, bought a new house, found the ideal mate, got the promotion – then we’ll be satisfied. And we are, for a little while, until we ask ourselves ‘what else is there? What else can I achieve?’.

Perfection or progress?

The truth is that these ‘things’ are not actually what is going to make us happy. While setting attainable goals for ourselves to work towards is no doubt important, the secret is really to realise that one of the keys to happiness is PROGRESS.

Everything in the universe either grows, or dies. That’s simply the law of mother nature. And when we are progressing in anything, even if the actual results haven’t materialised, the fact that were getting better gives us a feeling of happiness, knowing that we are evolving, improving and growing. It’s when we are going backwards and we feel like there is a deterioration that we run into problems in terms of our emotional state. The point is, the end result shouldn’t be what we base our ‘happiness’ on, but the process of growing and progressing.

The Art of Being

The second and most important key to happiness is presence (and we don’t mean the name of our company – although we can definitely help!). Presence is all about truly living the present moment.

Think about it, there is a reason why we are human BEINGS, not human doers! When we drop all thought and start operating from our heart and trusting intuition, there is a level of bliss that is attained that surpasses anything that any material items or goals could ever create.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but the present is a gift!

Can you remember a time when you first fell in love, or were performing at your best in a sporting or musical event or any other sort of activity that you love, where you were completely lost in the moment and there was no thought? Did you feel as if some divine force was guiding you though your experience? This is true living, this is present moment living, this is the art of presence. Constantly focusing on goals shifts our attention from the present moment to the future. Spend more time in the present moment and you will see your life transform in a way you could never imagine.

We’re not saying don’t set goals – we still need targets to focus our progression, however, if we become so attached to these goals that we lose our sense of self if we don’t achieve them, then that’s a problem. Create goals that uplift and empower you – not that you begrudge. Create goals that will make 2016 your most exciting and prosperous yet, but have fun and don’t take life too seriously!

Here’s some guidelines to help you create goals that stick:

  • Be specific – be crystal clear around what you want. Don’t just say I want to make more money…if I gave you $10 would that make you happier? Probably not – so be specific!
  • Be creative – dare to dream! Don’t just settle for what your ‘ego’ believes is possible…step outside the boundaries and embrace your true genius
  • Set out yearly and quarterly goals and then use that to be your target posts when you are completing your weekly and daily reviews
  • Do weekly and daily reviews! Before you know it, it will be Christmas and another year has crossed. Enjoy the process of reviewing your progress and be excited at the prospect that you are creating the life of your dreams when completing these tasks!
  • Identify who you need to become to achieve these goals – you can’t expect to be a millionaire if you are fearful of spending money – it just won’t happen! Read books and model the behaviours of people who have attained what you would like to achieve, and then let your heart direct you on whether it’s the right approach for you
  • Gratitude – saying thanks for what you already have will help you continue to get more of it. If you’re someone who thinks they have nothing to be grateful, well – you’re alive, aren’t you? Isn’t that something to be truly grateful for?
  • Your rituals will help materialise your goals so develop some positive rituals that will put you in a happy state more often than not.

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