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Do Men Regret Losing a Good Woman? Here’s What Women Need to Know


Ok, so you’ve been in a marriage for a long time and then out of nowhere, your husband decides he’s done…

You know you’re a good woman but you can’t make sense of how he can just pack up and leave…

Hence you might be wondering – Do men regret losing a good woman?


Well, to answer that question, we need to approach this from the right perspective.  


The Reality of Difficult Marriages


Difficult marriages can create a huge amount of pain. If you have been in this kind of situation for five to twenty years, there’s a possibility that deep inside you, emotions such as inadequacy, rejection, and frustration may surface from time to time.


As if these are not enough, scenario-based fears add up to what you are experiencing, like the thoughts of potentially losing your family, fearing not meeting someone ever again, worrying about how you can survive on a financial level (especially if he’s been the provider most of the time), and losing that feeling of certainty.

As human beings, we crave certainty and security.

We easily get shaken when our lives get uprooted.

Losing that sense of certainty and security can create huge amounts of pain and fear…

Then, as a defence mechanism, we try to find a place of healing to move forward so that these emotions will not plague us repeatedly.

So, taking this into consideration, let’s explore the original question:


Do Men Regret Losing a Good Woman?


In Short, Yes.  


But to answer it correctly, we need to understand the different categories men fall into:


First Category: A High-Value Man Who Is In Pain Now


Men who fall into this category are those with integrity, great morals, great values, and are typically confident with what they do.


These men are capable of providing and protecting. In short, these are good men but they’re just in pain and have been dealing with difficult situations.


By nature, pain is inevitable. But for individuals who fall into this category, sometimes pain becomes too overwhelming for them.

Without them realising it, such pain can take them off their paths and create a whole bunch of negativities inside them. 

As a result, they may do things that are not necessarily logical in their minds. It just happens instinctively and emotionally.


Second Category: Nice Men Who Lack Confidence


These men are naturally kind and genuine.

They are very sincere but fundamentally lack confidence and are often attracted to women with a little bit more confidence in them.


While these men seem fine, in most cases, they tend to suppress their own emotions, experiences, and desires in fear of confrontation.


But we all know what happens with these kinds of emotions when suppressed. Eventually, when they hit a tipping point, the man can no longer contain the whole range of negative emotions resulting in them wanting to escape. 

Third Category: Low-Quality Men Who Lack Values and Morals


The last category is where we can probably add those men who lack integrity. We can also include those narcissists and sociopaths in the picture.


These individuals are destructive to say the least and it’s imperative that a proper stock take of the marriage is conducted to prevent further devastation.


Understanding what Kind of Husband You Have is Imperative!


Understanding your partner’s values and how he regularly treats you can help you identify your plan of action.  For example, if you’re dealing with a narcissist, you have to know he’s going to pull you back in. That’s how they operate. He is severely wounded but will project those wounds onto you and make you feel like you’re the one with the issues…Hence, healing from the inside and finding the courage to walk away may be the right steps to take (as painful as that is).  


Your course of action will also be different when you’re dealing with someone who has high values and morals.  In my experience, these kinds of men have told me on countless occasions that they regret losing a good woman.  They made silly mistakes and constantly live in regret and would give their left arm to get their wife back.  Hence, you have a higher chance of reconciliation when you are dealing with high value men.


Key Questions to Make Sure You Create True Long-Term Healing


Now that you know the answer to the question: do men regret losing a good woman, we can now move forward to the steps that we can take to create long-term healing on your journey and ultimately make the best decision for your future.  

The following questions will help you navigate your way through your journey and ultimately lead to the best outcome for your future: 

Is this man the right man for me?


Look into your overall marriage and ask yourself How has he treated you? How has he treated your family? How has he treated your children? How does he handle his relationship with his friends and family? Does he honour what he says? Does he show kindness or compassion towards other people? Or is he only focused on himself? Is he only interested in making tons of money, going out, and getting those fancy clothes and cars? Is he someone who’s committed to your family and giving you the love, attention, and affection that you truly deserve?


I know this is a really tough question to answer and when we are in survival mode, rarely do we want to ask them – however they are imperative to ask in order to prevent yourself from experiencing more pain in the future.   


What can I learn from this situation?


Ok, let me be honest here – This can be a little bit of a frustrating question.


Focusing on yourself when he’s the one who left you can be intimidating but trust me, you have to make this a priority. You have to remember that healing always has to come from within.


So, ask yourself: is this helping me overcome my fears? Is this helping them become more independent? Is it forcing me to get to a place where I can stand on my own two feet?

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to become the best version of yourself.

How can I begin to truly empower myself and heal from this situation?


Naturally, you will experience a lot of pain when you’re going through tough times like a separation or divorce. While this is painful, this can also be an opportunity for you to heal those deeper wounds.

Often, what I find with individuals who are going through tough times in a marriage, is that they’re completely dependent on their husband to be able to fill their ‘love tank’ up rather than being able to do it themselves.  


You’ve got to build that beautiful relationship with yourself because it’s not the responsibility of your partner to fill yourself up. You’ve got to do that from within before it extends to your relationship, to your marriage. 

I’m a firm believer that self-acceptance is equal to self-love. But so many people have an incorrect perception of self-love.


Self-acceptance is not always just being in this happy, joyful place. As human beings, we do experience crappy and amazing days.


With self-acceptance, we need to make peace with ourselves, even on days when we feel a bit crap.


By doing so, we have a chance to experience true healing which will eventually lead to true love.


What is the gift from this experience?


When I look back on my life, I think about some of the challenging experiences that I’ve had. Believe me, there are plenty of tough times.


Looking at them right now, I can’t help but feel grateful for them. I’m grateful for those experiences coming my way because they have helped me grow. They’ve forced me to learn about things that I never would have learned otherwise.


The gift that I found has helped me become the best version of myself. It has helped me heal and create true transformation.


These gifts that come in not so nice packaging may force you to reevaluate your marriage.


Sometimes, we end up tolerating difficult circumstances in our relationships for much longer than we really should. The same way you’re dealing with your experiences right now.


Whatever you’re going through at the moment may be difficult but in the long run, you’ll end up experiencing a huge amount of joy and happiness because you’re finally dealing with actual problems at the deepest level.


Real introspection and understanding the other person can be quite challenging. But you have to try and figure out what’s important to you and what values and traits are you looking for in a man.


This might be difficult but not impossible.


Let Me Help You!


I know that going through the steps above can be extremely difficult which is why I’ve produced my Authentic Relationship System Training Program. This is an incredible program that can help you create changes in your current marriage and make transformations from within, especially at times when you no longer feel worthy and are lacking true self love.  


With this program, I was able to help countless clients create radical shifts not just in their marriage but within themselves as well. They were able to heal some of those deeper wounds inside and learn more about male psychology. By doing this, not only were they able to improve their marriages but also to massively improve their sense of self and self love. 


All you have to do to see if this is a good fit is BOOK A CALL and choose the best time that works for you. I will personally contact you so we can discuss where you want to get to in your marriage in the shortest possible time.  


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Much love and light to you. 








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