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Why Do Men Shut Down?

Isn’t this the most frustrating thing when men shut down?   Your relationship isn’t going as well as you would like.   Everytime he gets home from work, he probably just goes and turns the tv on.   You might get a token kiss but that’s about it.  ...

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How to heal your negative emotions

So my guess is that if you’re reading this blog, your relationship isn’t going too well and your emotions are high…   Either that, or you have a massive desire to want to improve it.   You might be in the middle of a divorce…   Or you’re on the verge of...

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Vulnerability is Strength

I’ve been talking to a number of clients this week and one thing has really stood out for me.   I’ll get comments like:   “I hate feeling vulnerable”   “It makes me feel week”   “It makes me feel needy and I give away my power completely”  ...

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The Three Levels of Love

The quality of a relationship is dictated by which level of love both partners in a relationship reside...   The lower the level, the less secure and happy you will be in your relationship...   The higher the level, the greater the chances of you being in a...

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Give, Give and Give!

"He's always hanging out with his friends!.." "I just don't feel loved or appreciated"   Sound familiar?? I was coaching a lovely client of mine the other day and we were touching on the topic of how to get her man to give more to her and make her feel more...

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Say Yes to Love!

I was going through a Facebook Post recently and there were three underlying themes that really stood out for me in the post: How can you discover your passion and calling in life? Due to fear of attracting the wrong men, this person was pulling away from the thought...

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Have You Really Tried Everything?

"I've missed over 9000 shots in my career.  I've lost over 300 games.  26 times i've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over again in my life and that is why...I succeed" - Michael Jordan It’s been a busy few weeks running...

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Make it a Must!

Make it a must! We often spend a lot of time trying to chase goals but whenever we get to those moments that there are a few obstacles, we falter on our quest. Sure there may be a number of reasons for that, but one of the most common is that it hasn’t converted from...

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Take a break from the newspaper!

I picked up the newspaper for the first time in a long time and looked at the headlines – the front page was riddled with murders, scandals and business corruption. It’s just a fact that negative news sells – you can’t go anywhere these days without reading a headline...

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How is fear serving you??

Fear! - Ok, so you’re probably wondering whether this is a trick question!  How on earth could fear possibly be serving me?  But the truth is that it is and this is the very reason why you haven’t let it go yet. You hold onto the fear because its home.  Its all you...

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Let Love Guide the Way

There is something magical that happens when our intention is filled with love with whatever we pursue in life. There is a joy and passion with which we operate in. Whenever opportunities come our way, we jump at them with open arms, rather than letting fear or...

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Sri Rajasekar appearing on Radio NZ

On Sunday the 4th of May, an interview with Radio NZ was aired on National Radio with Sri Rajasekar. It gives an insight into both (my business partner and I) of our lives and some of our experiences that have taken us on this path towards setting up Presence and also...

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