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Are you part of the 98%? Or the 2%

I have a quick question for you…   If I was to say to you that you have two options in life:   Do nothing and have exactly the same results and experiences that you are having right now…or… Take Action, face your fears and increase your chances 10 fold of...

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He says he needs some space!

So you love your man…   All you want to do is spend some quality time with him and relive those moments that you had with him at the beginning.   You know that despite the fact that he seems distant, there is a beautiful loving man inside the distant...

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The Three Levels of Love

The quality of a relationship is dictated by which level of love both partners in a relationship reside...   The lower the level, the less secure and happy you will be in your relationship...   The higher the level, the greater the chances of you being in a...

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The #1 Misconception of Men…

Ok, so the chances are that if you are reading this blog, that you have had some negative experiences with men in the past and you're curious about what the #1 misconception of men is... You’ve probably felt like all men want is sex… All the relationship forums talk...

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Give, Give and Give!

"He's always hanging out with his friends!.." "I just don't feel loved or appreciated"   Sound familiar?? I was coaching a lovely client of mine the other day and we were touching on the topic of how to get her man to give more to her and make her feel more...

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Have You Outgrown Your Partner?

How to discover whether you’ve outgrown your partner and decide whether you need to move on   It was so incredible at the start You were both so crazy about each other Lots of love and laughter and it was such a joy to be able to spend these incredible moments...

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Why Do I Keep Attracting All the Wrong Guys?

Now when I hear this question being asked, I’m often a touch sceptical. Not because they are making up stories or stating any lies of any sort. It’s just the way they are asking the question makes it sound like there is something outside of themselves that is...

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