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What if you could completely turn your relationship around and put an end to not feeling understood, not feeling loved and feeling completley isolated and lonely?

What if you could take control of your love life and not hope that your partner will make the changes that you need?  What if you had the power to influence him to give you what you need?

I’ll teach you about the male psychology and show you some simple tools and strategies that will help you to really connect with your man and get him to love you forever!

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Discover what to do if all the love and passion in your relationship has disappeared. With these simple 3 secret steps, you can quickly take control of your love and put an end to all the pain, sadness and loneliness!
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About Me 
Hi, I’m Sri Rajasekar and it’s my mission in life to see and help you create an extraordinary relationship.  For the last 7 years, I’ve been helping women from all over the world create joyful, playful and passionate relationships all using one secret ingredient:

 Understanding Men and their Psychology.

When you can understand why men disappear just when things are going great, why it seems as if they only want one thing, why they are emotionally unavailable – you literally have the ability to shape the relationship in a way that means that both parties feel cherished, significant, respected and love.

These are simply the foundations for a relationship that you truly deserve and it is something that you can create right now!

This is something that I have created in my own marriage, my clients have done it and so can YOU!



I have worked with Sri for almost a year now. He has a gift of always knowing the right things to say and make you think about. He seems to know what exercises and what resources will be the best to help thru a difficult situation. I like working with him because he is real and genuine but also calls you on your BS when needed. He has talked me off the proverbial ledge a time or two and always seems to get my feelings of anxiety to settle. I have faced things I had been avoiding and stopped procrastinating because Sri held me accountable. I highly recommend him to help save a relationship or to help move on from a relationship that no longer serves a purpose. Shannon, California

Sri has helped me in a number of areas in my life, and I enjoy the way he helps me find unique, positive ways of looking at and processing my world.  My mental chatter in the car on the way to work has reduced tremendously and my days are calmer and more enjoyable.  He’s easy to relate to because he’s happy to share learnings from his own personal experiences and challenges when he can see it will help me understand my own Lee-Anne, 44, Office Manager

Highly Recommend Sri. He helped me learn how to be present in the moment. To focus on what I can do. And how valuable I am. In a matter of a few sessions and teaching me self talk techniques I was able to not only find myself, but better understand my relationship.
Abbey Gail

Dearest Sri, Just by talking with me and helping me to see more than I was is more than you can imagine. Things have already begun to improve so much so that I think he’s more excited about our nuptials than I am. You are a blessing and we NEED people like you everywhere. Melissa, Colorado

Sri is an amazing coach! stumbled upon his FB page one night while I was at the height of a very distressing personal crisis. Even though it was completely out of character for me to reach out for help, I decided to book a call with him and then many more over the course of several months. I tend to internalize so much, and he helped me sort through issues and emotions (some I didn’t even know I had) with incredible patience, compassion, and wisdom. I especially appreciate that he is there to celebrate even the smallest breakthrough or give me a virtual smack on the head when I slip back into old patterns. It’s a constant journey, but I know for certain I could have never made this kind of progress in self awareness on my own and will always be grateful for Sri’s direction and support.

Kathleen, Arizona

Since meeting Sri I’ve been able to reframe how I see myself and improve and evolve my relationships with others. His amazing wealth of knowledge has helped me get the most out of life and I leave our sessions with a spring in my step. I hope anyone who may be looking for guidance reaches out to Sri without hesitation.

Camille, 33, Designer

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